Ethics and Editorial Policy

Guidery operates under a strict ethics and editorial policy that ensures our work and recommendations remain independent and truthful. All of our staff and contractors are required to abide by the following measures.

Editorial Independence, Impartiality, and Conflicts of Interest

Earning and keeping the trust of our audience is, and always will be, at the core of Guidery’s work.

To ensure this, we always uphold the following:

  • We work hard to ensure that revenue never biases recommendations. Guide authors are kept separate (firewalled) from our revenue team and are never made aware of which products, services, or companies Guidery may have established relationships with.
  • Guide authors are required to disclose any conflicts of interest they may have with companies and organizations associated with the skill they plan to cover before starting the process of creating a guide. We do not allow our guide authors to cover people or companies where a personal conflict exists.
  • We do not accept gifts from companies.
  • We do not accept preconditions for coverage of a product or service that require us to say certain things.
  • We do not produce sponsored content.

Our policy against receiving anything of value from companies that we cover includes, but is not limited to, things like gifts, meals, paid trips, and junkets. Guidery pays for all travel expenses to all events, including transportation, food, and hotels.


We do not accept or display paid advertisements on Guidery.

Accuracy and Corrections

Despite making every effort to be accurate in our research, sometimes we get something wrong. If we discover a mistake within one of our guides, our editors will promptly issue a correction that removes the inaccurate information and adds a notice of correction that explains the error. All readers are encouraged to contact us if they believe we have made an error.